• 12/10/2019
    • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
    • GWUL 2901 14th St NW, DC 20009- Pepco Room (bottom floor)

    Our Membership and Social/Cultural committees meet together monthly to plan interesting and unique ways to recruit and retain members. If you're experienced with HR, recruiting, hospitality, and events, or if you just have some creative ideas and knowledge of fun things to do in the DMV, this meeting is for you!  The combined meeting takes place in Pepco Room on the basement floor every second Tuesday.  Please use the door on Harvard Street for entry.

    • 12/10/2019
    • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
    • GWUL 2901 14th St NW Dc 20009- 1st floor Library

    On the 2nd Tuesday of every month the Civic Engagement Committee meets to discuss individual and collective actions designed to identify, address, and work with others in our community to solve issues of public concern. Bring your passion and your ideas on how we can better help our community! Meetings will be held in the library.  Please use the door on 14th St for entry.

    • 12/11/2019
    • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
    • Greater Washington Urban League - 2901 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009 - Library

    This year, Thursday Network is partnering with the Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy for the 2020 edition of Empowerment Academy. Empowerment Academy is Thursday Network’s signature mentoring program for youth in DC focused on personal development, college readiness, career exploration,healthy living and volunteerism. Empowerment Academy will support students enrolled in the Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy by providing mentors to lead sessions focused on the African diaspora, goal-setting for the future, and community engagement. 

    Members interested in becoming mentors should plan to attend   information sessions scheduled on December 11th from 6:00pm-7:00pm

    • 12/14/2019
    • 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
    • GWUL 2901 14th St NW, DC 20009- Pepco Room (bottom floor)

    New Member Orientation is an opportunity for Thursday Network’s newest members to get further acquainted with the mission and purpose of this organization. This time is set aside to educate and inspire our newest cohort, as they learn how they can use their time and talents to contribute to the movement. Orientation will provide attendees with an informative and engaging understanding of the mission of TN, how the organization is operated, and the benefits of their membership. Following the formal orientation programming there will be an optional networking lunch outing at The Coupe.

     *Light Breakfast will be provided*

    • 12/14/2019
    • 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM
    • The Coupe - 3415 11th St NW, Washington, DC 20010

    Come out and meet our newest members! TN is hosting a brunch social at The Coupe in celebration of our TN new member cohort. Members who have already completed New Member Orientation are invited to connect with our newest members and share more about what it means to be a TN members.

    *Those registered to attend Orientation do not need to register for this event, as your orientation registration is inclusive of the post social*

    • 12/17/2019
    • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • GWUL 2901 14th St NW DC 20009- Pepco Room (bottom floor)

    Are you looking for ways to give back to your community? The Community Service Committee needs you! Join our committee meeting as we brainstorm ways to shape our community!

    Use the Harvard St entrance


    • 12/18/2019
    • 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
    • Capo- 715 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001

    Ring in the season with you best or (ugliest) holiday sweater! Join Thursday Network on Wednesday, December 18 to celebrate the season and have fun with our members and friends. This wouldn’t be a holiday party without a contest… We will be giving away prizes for ugliest sweater, most unique/creative sweater, and best holiday outfit! Can’t wait to see you there.

    • 12/21/2019
    • 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
    • Fort Stanton Recreation Center- 1812 Erie St SE, Washington, DC 20020

    The National Black United Front (NBUF), Thursday Network, and other community partners will collaborate on the Feed the Hood Project Saturday,  December 21 at 2pm at the Fort Stanton Recreation Center (1812 Erie St SE, Washington, DC 20020). 

    The goal of this Feed the Hood Event is to assemble 200 care packages for those in need, then distribute to residents who come to pick up their packages.

    • 14 loaves of Bread ($1 Great Value)

    • 12 pounds of turkey slices, 1 package-(3.54 per pound Great value)

    • 10 prepackaged 12oz American Cheese Slices (2.64 Great Value)

    • 3 packs of gloves (small,medium,large)

    • 8 packs of variety chips (6.98 on Amazon)

    • 2  packs of plastic knives

    Please sign up to donate with the link:

    • 01/20/2020
    • 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
    • Takoma Park Middle School- 7611 Piney Branch Road Silver Spring, MD 20910 ( Cafeteria)

    The 20th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service Blanket & Toiletry Drive is Thursday Network’s annual event to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. During the month of January, communities within DC, Prince George’s County, and Montgomery County will be asked to donate items and funds to create care packages for housing-unstable residents. On January 20, we will host a package assembly event in collaboration with Takoma Park Middle School’s student-led group, Difference Makers, to create care packages and deliver to people in need. Volunteers will assist in creating packages that consist of blankets, snacks, deodorants, feminine hygiene products (e.g., tampons and pads), floss, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrushes, toothpastes, soaps, and words of encouragement. This year’s  goal is to deliver 1,200 packages to people in need throughout DC, Prince George’s County, and Montgomery County. You can donate items by purchasing items from  Thursday Network’s Amazon List.

    Register here to volunteer

    Tickets will not be sold, but participants will be asked to donate items to make care packages.

Past events

12/07/2019 Holiday Food Pantry Drive and Distribution( November & December)
12/03/2019 Grant Writing Workshop: Personal & Professional Development, Public Relations, and Fund Development Committee Meeting
11/23/2019 Senior Citizen Appreciation: National Day of Empowerment
11/23/2019 Holiday Food Pantry Drive and Distribution( November & December)
11/21/2019 November General Body Meeting
11/19/2019 Community Service Committee Meeting
11/16/2019 National Day of Empowerment Community Fest
11/14/2019 Thursday Network Open House
11/12/2019 Civic Engagement Committee Meeting
11/12/2019 Membership/Social & Cultural Combined Committee Meeting
11/07/2019 The Bridge: TFA DC’s Alumni Association's Annual D.C. 101 Event
11/05/2019 Public Relations & Digital Media/Fund Development Combined Committee Meeting
11/05/2019 Personal and Professional Development Committee Meeting
10/24/2019 October General Body Meeting- 2020 Vision
10/20/2019 Girls Next Door Presents: Think Pink 5K Run/Walk for Breast Cancer Awareness!
10/19/2019 Thursday Network Food Pantry
10/15/2019 Community Service Committee Meeting
10/10/2019 Fall Kickoff Happy Hour!
10/08/2019 Civic Engagement Committee Meeting
10/08/2019 Membership/Social & Cultural Combined Committee Meeting
10/01/2019 Public Relations & Digital Media/Fund Development Combined Committee Meeting
10/01/2019 Personal and Professional Development Committee Meeting
09/28/2019 Sports Jam: Back to School Edition
09/14/2019 September New Member Orientation
09/13/2019 TN Karaoke
09/12/2019 Thursday Network Open House
08/26/2019 Fund Development Committee Meeting
08/24/2019 Health & Wellness Back 2 School Festival
08/22/2019 August General Body Meeting - Thursday Network Elections
08/19/2019 Civic Engagement Committee Meetings
08/17/2019 Thursday Network Food Pantry
08/15/2019 2019 Spirit of Service Awards
08/14/2019 Community Service Committee Meeting
08/13/2019 Public Relations Committee Meeting
08/12/2019 Policies and Procedures Ad Hoc Committee
08/05/2019 Membership/Social Cultural Joint Committee Meeting
08/03/2019 An Evening of Opulence: 35th Annual Scholarship & Awards Gala
07/29/2019 Fund Development Committee Meeting
07/27/2019 N Street Village Snack Drive
07/24/2019 YP LEAD Summit "The Homecoming"- National Urban League Conference
07/22/2019 Policies and Procedures Ad Hoc Committee
07/20/2019 Thursday Network Food Pantry
07/18/2019 July General Body Meeting:State of Thursday Network
07/17/2019 Community Service Committee Meeting
07/15/2019 Civic Engagement Committee Meetings
07/13/2019 Craft for a Cause
07/11/2019 Thursday Network Open House
07/09/2019 Public Relations/Fund Development Committee Meeting
07/08/2019 "Spirits of Service"
07/02/2019 Personal and Professional Development Meeting
07/01/2019 Membership/Social Cultural Joint Committee Meeting
06/29/2019 Magruder Woods Footpath Restoration
06/27/2019 June GBM -Black Millennial Economics
06/19/2019 Community Service Committee Meeting
06/18/2019 Membership/Social Cultural Joint Committee Meeting
06/17/2019 Civic Engagement Committee Meetings
06/15/2019 Thursday Network Food Pantry
06/11/2019 The Folding Chair- Thursday Network Speaker Series With Attorney Ben Crump
06/10/2019 Policies and Procedures Ad Hoc Committee
06/08/2019 June New Member Orientation
06/03/2019 Personal and Professional Development Meeting
05/31/2019 YBGB Finale- Party with a purpose
05/30/2019 Face Hunger Simulation
05/29/2019 NAACP DC Branch Townhall Meeting: #RaceNJustice State of Race & Criminal Justice in Washington DC
05/28/2019 Fund Development Committee Meeting
05/23/2019 May GBM - YP Fit
05/21/2019 Membership/Social Cultural Joint Committee Meeting
05/20/2019 Civic Engagement Committee Meetings
05/19/2019 Dance it out with KEEN DC- May 19
05/18/2019 Thursday Network Food Pantry
05/16/2019 Goodie Girl Bag Packing Social
05/15/2019 Community Service Committee Meeting
05/14/2019 Public Relations Committee Meeting
05/13/2019 Policies and Procedures Ad Hoc Committee
05/11/2019 Spring Work Day with City Blossoms
05/09/2019 Thursday Network Open House
05/07/2019 Personal and Professional Development Meeting
05/06/2019 Be the Match + LPC Mixer
05/06/2019 NULYP Road to 20: Looking Back, Moving Forward
04/30/2019 Sips With Sis: An Open Women’s Forum
04/28/2019 Urban League Sunday at Howard University
04/27/2019 Thursday Network Food Pantry
04/25/2019 April GBM - #BossMoves: Young Professional Leadership Essentials
04/23/2019 Membership Committee Meeting
04/22/2019 Fund Development Committee Meeting
04/17/2019 Community Service Committee Meeting
04/15/2019 Civic Engagement Committee Meetings
04/14/2019 Special VIP Screening of BET's Finding Justice: Baltimore Lead Crisis
04/13/2019 National Day of Service: STEAM Into the Future Design Challenge and Exhibition Fair
04/09/2019 Public Relations Committee Meeting
04/08/2019 Policies and Procedures Ad Hoc Committee
04/06/2019 Rep Your College: Final Four Watch Party
04/02/2019 Personal and Professional Development Meeting
04/01/2019 Social and Cultural Committee
03/30/2019 Garden Workday @ DC Bilingual Public Charter School
03/28/2019 Celebrating The Magic: Connecting Black Feminism & The Movement
03/27/2019 5th Annual Black Jewish Seder
03/26/2019 Membership Committee Meeting
03/25/2019 Fund Development Committee Meeting
03/23/2019 Thursday Network Food Pantry
03/22/2019 ‘Us’ Movie Night
03/20/2019 Community Service Committee Meeting
03/19/2019 Public Relations Committee Meeting
03/18/2019 Civic Engagement Committee Meetings
03/15/2019 Thursday Network Presents Soiree Noir: A Masquerade Affair
03/15/2019 GWUL's Whitney M. Young Memorial Gala Volunteer Registration
03/14/2019 Thursday Network Open House
03/12/2019 The Folding Chair- Thursday Network Speaker Series
03/11/2019 Policies and Procedures Ad Hoc Committee
03/09/2019 March New Member Orientation
03/06/2019 A Talk With Congresswoman Norton: An Active Dialogue Between D.C. Young Black Professionals
03/05/2019 Personal and Professional Development Meeting
03/04/2019 Social and Cultural Committee
03/02/2019 Ivy City Tour
02/28/2019 February GBM: Does Black Love Still Exist..?
02/26/2019 Membership Committee Meeting
02/25/2019 Fund Development Committee Meeting
02/23/2019 Presidents' Day of Service: Tree Preservation With CHEARS
02/20/2019 Community Service Committee Meeting
02/20/2019 Thursday Network and the Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy Presents Empowerment Academy Orientation
02/18/2019 Civic Engagement Committee Meetings
02/16/2019 Thursday Network Food Pantry
02/13/2019 Thursday Network and the Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy Presents Empowerment Academy Information Session
02/12/2019 Public Relations Committee Meeting
02/11/2019 Policies and Procedures Ad Hoc Committee- cancelled for Feb 11
02/10/2019 Black Love Matters + Candy Grams Fundraiser
02/09/2019 Gordon Parks @ National Gallery of Art
02/08/2019 Greater Washington Urban League's Scholarship Review Session
02/06/2019 Landing a Global Gig: Young Professionals Working Abroad and Home
02/05/2019 Personal and Professional Development Meeting
02/04/2019 Social and Cultural Committee
02/03/2019 Superbowl Party
02/02/2019 Legacy of Leadership Brunch
02/02/2019 Legacy of Leadership: Creating a Better Tomorrow
02/01/2019 The Mix Up (Join Week event)
02/01/2019 For Us, By Us: Black History Month Book Drive
01/31/2019 Conversations and Cognac: Men's Townhall
01/31/2019 Sips With Sis: An Open Conversation Between Women
01/30/2019 TN SPARK Talks: Leadership on the frontlines
01/29/2019 Join Week Speed Networking with National Urban League Young Professionals
01/28/2019 Thursday Network Open House & Social Hour (Join Week Event)
01/27/2019 Join Week Kickoff with Hashtag Lunchbag DC
01/24/2019 January General Body Meeting - #Adulting 101
01/22/2019 Membership Committee Meeting
01/21/2019 Thursday Network's 19th Annual MLK Day Blanket & Toiletries Drive
01/19/2019 Thursday Network Food Pantry
01/16/2019 Fund Development Committee Meeting
01/15/2019 Community Service Committee Meetings
01/14/2019 Policies and Procedures Ad Hoc Committee
01/12/2019 Thursday Network Potluck at Victory Heights
01/10/2019 Civic Engagement Committee Meetings
01/09/2019 Personal and Professional Development Meeting
01/08/2019 Public Relations Committee Meeting
01/07/2019 Joint Meeting: Social and Cultural Committee and Membership
12/27/2018 #DearVisionary: Year-End Vision Setting Workshop
12/22/2018 Thursday Network's Holiday Drive
12/20/2018 Thursday Network's Winter Warm Up
12/19/2018 Fund Development Committee Meeting
12/18/2018 Community Service Committee Meetings
12/15/2018 Thursday Network Food Pantry
12/13/2018 Civic Engagement Committee Meetings
12/12/2018 Thursday Network Open House
12/11/2018 Public Relations Committee Meeting
12/08/2018 Feed the Hood
12/04/2018 Personal and Professional Development Meeting
12/03/2018 Social and Cultural Committee
11/29/2018 Managing Holiday Stress
11/27/2018 Membership Committee Meeting
11/20/2018 Community Service Committee Meetings
11/19/2018 Civic Engagement Committee Meetings
11/17/2018 Building Black Wealth:Thursday Network's Black Business Expo
11/17/2018 Thanksgiving Food Pantry Drive and Distribution
11/14/2018 Closing the Wealth Gap: A Discussion on Establishing Black Equity
11/13/2018 JOINT MEETING!!! Public Relations Committee Meeting and Fund Development
11/12/2018 Policies and Procedures Ad Hoc Committee
11/06/2018 Personal and Professional Development Meeting
11/05/2018 Social and Cultural Committee
10/30/2018 Membership Committee Meeting
10/25/2018 Midterm Elections & Implications on Communities of Color
10/22/2018 Fund Development Committee Meeting
10/21/2018 #LeadFreeBaltimore
10/16/2018 Community Service Committee Meetings
10/15/2018 Civic Engagement Committee Meetings
10/09/2018 Public Relations Committee Meeting
10/06/2018 TN Gives Back: Beautification at Heritage Island
09/28/2018 Thursday Network Leadership Retreat
09/27/2018 September General Body Meeting
09/25/2018 TN Gives Back: Play Ball with the Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy
09/23/2018 #SayHerName: Black Women & Police Violence
09/20/2018 Hometown Happy Hour- Caribbean and Afropop Edition
09/14/2018 2018 Spirit of Service Awards
09/08/2018 #UNHackTheVote 2018
08/23/2018 General Body Meeting- Elections
08/18/2018 Back 2 School
07/19/2018 Hometown Happy Hour: Dirty South Edition
07/17/2018 Friendship Place Welcome Home Basket collection and Distribution 2018
06/29/2018 Y2K Karaoke Fundraiser
06/28/2018 General Body Meeting- Black Economics: From Main Street to Capitol Hill
06/23/2018 Sports Jam 2018: Wakanda
06/21/2018 Lead 4 Life
06/11/2018 Thursday Network T-Shirt Design Challenge
06/09/2018 10th Annual DC Housing Expo
05/26/2018 Goodie Girl Bag Packing Social
05/24/2018 General Body Meeting- Better Me: Mind, Body and Soul
05/16/2018 School to Prison Pipeline
05/11/2018 YBGB Be the Match Transplant Party
05/10/2018 Legislative Policy Conference Mixer
05/06/2018 Keen Zumba Session
04/28/2018 Our Block is Hot
04/21/2018 School Beautification with Comcast Cares
04/14/2018 NDoS: Steam Into The Future
03/08/2018 Thursday Network Open House
02/14/2018 Empowerment Academy
09/16/2017 Food Pantry Distribution

Thursday Network

Greater Washington Urban League Building

2901 14th Street NW
Washington, DC 20009
General Body Meetings occur on the 4th Thursdays of the month at 6:30p.

About Us

Founded in 1992, Thursday Network is comprised of over 200 young professionals committed to serving the Washington Metropolitan area through community programs and partnership that address the Empowerment Goals of the National Urban League. The mission of TN is to provide a forum for young adults, ages 21 – 40, to focus their energies on community service, professional development, and political involvement.


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